※We Make Application Form to Basketball Team & League Tryout in Japan.
(Last Update: Dec.7th/2007)






Translation of Tryout Form



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<Do you wanna play basketball in Japan?>

Here is chance!!

We translate your application form to Basketball league & team tryout in Japan. Japanese professional basketball league held tryout every year.we can help making application form in Japanese.

We will make and post your application sheet for tryout, in stead of you who are busy for practice and training to be a proffessional basketball player.
We do support you!!

●How to apply:

1.You apply by e-mail to us with your data including photoes..
2.You pay deposit fee.
3.Post your photoes to us for tryout application.
4.We execute your application and post to tryout.


・Execution and development :150 US doller

*Without the cost for tryout, travel expences or the expences for your stay in Japan.

●How to pay


●Tryout we can execute now

・Tryout you can apply is announced soon.
・We will tell you when the basketball teams in Japan decide to hold tryout.

When you need more information of tryout in Japan,

●How to apply for our execuition

Please e-mail us : Here

・Your name
・Phone number
basketball history


・We will never bear the responsibility for result of tryout that you apply. We do only translation for your tryout application in Japanese.
・We will write down your application with your data that you send us as it is. We never correct or retouch with our decision.
・We never reveal your private data.

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